B.C. Lions’ Jacobs Won’t Face Charges

Michael ShaprayNews

Canadian Press

VANCOUVER (CP) – B.C. Lions defensive end Ray Jacobs, who was arrested last month after cocaine was found in his car, will not face criminal charges.

"The Crown prosecutor… has concluded that Mr. Jacobs did not engage in any criminal conduct," Jacobs’ lawyers Michael Shapray and Marvin Stern said in a release Tuesday.

The 31–year–old Jacobs has maintained the cocaine found was not his and was crushed into the vehicle’s floorboards by someone who borrowed his car.

"Mr. Jacobs would like to put this matter behind him and apologizes for any distraction that this incident has caused the B.C. Lions," said Jacobs’ lawyers.

At the time of Jacobs’ May 5th arrest, the Surrey, B.C., RCMP confirmed a male driver and female companion were picked up outside a suspected drug house during a police surveillance. The male suspect was arrested, held for several hours and then released after a promise to appear in court.

Jacobs, however, denies going to a drug house. He said he spent the evening before he was arrested at a nightclub in Surrey, where he met a woman who was staying at a nearby hotel.

He said he drove the woman to her hotel and then went home. He said he returned to the hotel the following day after an argument with his girlfriend. while at the hotel, Jacobs said he loaned his car to someone to get food and that person must be responsible for the drugs in his car.

"Mr. Jacobs did not commit any criminal offence," his lawyers said. "He made the mistake of placing himself in the unfortunate position of being in the company of people with whom he should not have been associating."

Jacobs, who tied for third in the league in quarterback sacks last season with 10, joined the Lions in 2003 after being dropped by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He was originally drafted by the Denver Broncos in 1gg41 as a non–drafted free agent.