Man beaten by VPD officers in mistaken identity case wants compensation

Michael ShaprayNews

Chief Jim Chu apologizes in person

Shane Bighamam Goddard

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130)- An update on a story News1130 first brought you yesterday, about a man arrested by mistake during a domestic violence call in Vancouver The Chief of Police has visited the man’s home and apologized in person.

OMNI Television reporter Fiona Law has also spoken with the victim and says Yao Wei Wu wants compensation for his injuries, which include a swollen eye and multiple bruises. She adds Wu has filed a complaint against the VPD.

News1130 legal expert Michael Shapray says Wu can sue. The police are not immune from being sued civilly. There are certainly time limitations on doing that, but they are not immune to that."

He adds the amount of compensation a person could get from such a suit depends on individual circumstances. He says you can also go to the Police Complaint Commission if you feel you have been abused by police.

Shapray says you could also ask for a criminal investigation He says some may find the last two options less than satisfying because you don’t get any compensation for any injuries that might have been caused.

With the apology. Chief Jim Chu is backing away from a potentially damaging statement made Thursday when the VPD had said Wu was injured while resisting arrest. "This was information that was premature and released as fact, when in reality only the current investigation into the matter can determine the details of what happened."