Bail Conditions in Domestic Assault Charges in Vancouver

If you are arrested for and charged with domestic assault, a bail hearing will likely be set to determine the conditions of your release. These bail conditions may restrict you from going home, contacting your spouse or children, or even collecting necessary items from your house. It is essential to contact a lawyer to help protect your freedom.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a Vancouver criminal defence lawyer who can help alleviate some of these restrictions. My goal is to obtain reasonable bail conditions that allow you appropriate liberties while awaiting trial. I understand protecting your freedom and rights at every turn from the very beginning. Contact me today to arrange a free consultation.

Reduction of Bail Restrictions

As an experienced lawyer, I can help reduce bail conditions by working to convince the Crown Attorney and judge that you are not a direct threat to the alleged victim. While you may not be able to contact your accuser directly, negotiations may be reached to allow you visits with your children, or to have contact for the purposes of counselling or by email or phone.

If the conditions of bail have already been set, I can petition to amend or drop a condition pending your good behaviour and other factors.

I understand that facing criminal charges is a difficult and frightening situation. I do not take bail releases lightly. I have extensive experience with a long record of success in bail cases, including those involving charges of domestic violence. You can count on me to fight for your best interests at every stage of the criminal process.

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