Vancouver Traffic Offences Lawyer

If you have been charged with any driving-related offence, from speeding to driving without a license, it is important to discuss your options with an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a defence lawyer with offices in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia. I have a long record of success defending clients charged with traffic-related offences, including:

  • Speeding
  • Driving without due care and attention (careless driving)
  • Impaired driving offences
  • Driving while prohibited
  • Driving without a license

British Columbia Speeding Ticket Defence Law Firm and Effective Defence of Traffic-Related Offences

A speeding ticket or other traffic offence isn't the end of the world — but it may be the end of your ability to drive. Every traffic offence adds points to your driving record. Too many points and your license will be suspended. Without a driver's license, how will you get to work or school? For many people, the ability to drive is essential.

I treat every traffic ticket as if your license depended on it. In many cases, it does. Contact me and schedule a free consultation to learn about my commitment to helping you protect your driving privileges.

Driving Prohibition Appeals

I also represent clients in administrative or discretionary driving prohibition appeals. If you have received a notice that the superintendent of motor vehicles wants to suspend your driver's license because of your past driving record, please contact my office about appealing that prohibition.

I get results for clients charged with traffic-related offences.

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Many people are tempted to just pay a traffic ticket and move on. That approach may result in a driving prohibition. It can also result in steeper auto insurance premiums. Don't take that risk. Contact me by email or call 604-725-4300 for a free initial consultation about your case.