Vancouver Income Tax Evasion Lawyer

Violations of the Income Tax Act are aggressively prosecuted in British Columbia and throughout Canada.

If you have been charged with Income Tax Act violations, it is important to retain a criminal defence lawyer who has the legal knowledge and technical sophistication to represent clients in these complex cases.

Accused of Making False Statements? Contact a British Columbia Lawyer Here to Aggressively Defend You.

Contact me, Vancouver criminal defence lawyer Michael R. Shapray, for effective defence of tax-related charges, including:

  • Tax evasion
  • False statements on tax returns
  • Failing to file tax returns
  • Late filing
  • Failure to report income

Civil and Criminal Penalties

If you violate the Income Tax Act, you must pay the tax in question along with any associated penalties and interest. Particularly serious acts and omissions can trigger a criminal income tax case.

If you are found guilty of an income tax offence, you may have a criminal sentence in addition to the civil penalties. The criminal consequences can include additional fines and imprisonment of up to one year.

I will carefully review the charges against you, investigate the case and develop a solid defence strategy. In some instances, I will retain forensic accountants or other appropriate experts to assist in the preparation of the defence. In every case, I will investigate to determine if the evidence against you was obtained legally.

If you are being investigated by the Canada Customs Review Agency (CCRA) for a potential Income Tax Act offence, please contact my office to discuss your situation. Call 604-725-4300 or email my firm. The initial consultation is free of charge and completely confidential.

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