Recent Cases

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Drug Charges

R. v. J.T. [2020]

Client charged with serious drug offences in relation to a search warrant that was executed on a residence in Abbotsford after a multi-year police investigation.  Mr. Shapray successfully challenged the search warrant arguing that his client's Charter rights were violated and that the police had misrepresented the nature of the investigation and the connection to the residence.  Judge issued a scathing ruling an the evidence was excluded from the trial.
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Impaired Driving Charges

R. v. M.R. [2021]

Client charged with DUI offences involving an accident captured on video where car slammed into parked cars in a residential driveway.  Negotiations before trial led to a plea to a Motor Vehicle Act charge and the client avoided a Criminal Record.
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Assault and Threats

R. v. W.C. [2021]

Serious charges of criminal harassment arising our of ugly dispute between neighbours resolved with Peace Bond and NO CRIMINAL RECORD.
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Sexual Offences

R. v. R.K. [2021]

Elderly client charged with Possession of CP (Criminal Code s. 164.3) involving materials accessed and viewed on the internet.  Client suffering from progressive mental health issues engaged in counselling and psychiatric assessment which led to resolution discussions and a Conditional Sentence Order being granted - NO REAL JAIL!
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Weapons Offences

R. v. C.C. [2020]

Police called to address a mental health situation and seizing client's firearms due to public safety concerns.  Police subsequently launching an application for a 5-year firearms prohibition under the Criminal Code.  Mr. Shapray was retained to fight the proposed ban and had counselling and reports prepared by experts which led to a negotiated return of the firearms after 1-year.
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Theft and Fraud Charges

R. v. N.G. [2021]

Female client worked at a bank an s was discovered to have deposited a bank client's cheques into her own personal account. Despite funds having been returned to the victim, client lost her job and was charged with Fraud Over $5,000 in a breach of trust allegation.  Negotiations led to a resolution of the charges before a trial date was set and client received a CSO and no time spent in real jail.
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Driving Charges and Prohibition Letters

R. v. J.D. [2021]

Client charged with multiple counts of Driving While Prohibited and facing mandatory minimum 1-year driving prohibition and potential jail.  Client completed counselling and negotiations with the prosecutor led to a plea to the lesser offence of not having a license and a probation order which allowed client to continue driving for employment so he could keep his job.
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90-Day Driving Prohibition Results

R. v. M.Z. [2016]

Client facing an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) as a result of a police check in his own driveway. IRP challenged with written review and included lengthy affidavit evidence from client challenging the facts alleged by the police officer. Adjudicator found insufficient evidence to support IRP and driving prohibition revoked – LICENSE BACK TO CLIENT AND VEHICLE RELEASED FROM IMPOUND LOT.

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Appeals and Bail Hearings Results

R. v. M.A. [2021]

Client charged with Second Degree Murder in relation to a shooting incident in Vancouver.  Crown sought to have client detained in custody pending his trial.  Contested full day bail hearing resulted in client being RELEASED ON BAIL pending trial.
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Other Criminal Offences

R. v. M.D. [2021]

Client charged with very serious arson of a residential house.  Client had a history of mental illness which was examined and he was assessed by a forensic psychiatrist who determined that he was NCRMD under the Criminal Code.  Court examining expert opinion and finding that client not criminally responsible under s. 16 of the Criminal Code.