Recent Cases

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Drug Charges

R. v. T.A. [2023]

Successful challenge to police search warrant for rural property in Chilliwack, B.C.  Property contained a number of outbuildings alleged to be involved in drug trafficking.  Facial challenge to search warrant led to finding by the judge that the warrant did not properly authorize a search of the mobile home.  Charter breach found and evidence excluded.
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Impaired Driving Charges

R. v. P.B. [2024]

Mr. Shapray's client was charged with Impaired and Over "80" in relation to an incident where he was found asleep in his car in a commercial parking lot in Surrey. Issues in case involved the proof of "care and control" and Mr. Shapray was successful in negotiating a plea to the lesser charge of Drive Without Due Care under the Motor Vehicle Act resulting in NO CRIMINAL RECORD!
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Assault and Threats

R. v. L.P. [2024]

Client charged with assault that occurred at an event at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Vancouver. Mr. Shapray put together a strategy that involved the client taking counselling and early negotiation with the prosecutor that led to charges being dropped after a few months and prior to trial dates being set.
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Sexual Offences

R. v. A.M. [2024]

Mr. Shapray's client was charged with sexual offences alleged by step-daughter after the passage of approximately 10 years. Historical sexual assault charges were DISMISSED by Judge and client was found NOT GUILTY after a trial at the B.C. Supreme Court.
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Weapons Offences

R. v. R.C. [2023]

Client charged with use of a weapon, uttering a death threat and weapons dangerous in relation to an incident in a downtown Vancouver club where he was seen carrying a knife on video.  Despite initially facing a jail sentence, negotiations with prosecutor led to plea to a lesser offence and probation - NO JAIL.
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Theft and Fraud Charges

R. v. Y.S. [2024]

Client involved in ongoing fraud against business she was working for as a bookkeeper.  Negotiations with Crown which included client making full restitution led to a non-custodial jail sentence being proposed as a joint submission on sentencing.
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Driving Charges and Prohibition Letters

R. v. J.G. [2023]

Client with First Nations background and lengthy criminal history facing very serious driving charges in Vancouver and Victoria.  Mr. Shapray arranged for comprehensive Gladue report which was used for negotiations with Crown prosecutors in both jurisdictions and resulted in a waiver of all charges to First Nations Court in New Westminster.
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90-Day Driving Prohibition Results

R. v. M.Z. [2016]

Client facing an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) as a result of a police check in his own driveway. IRP challenged with written review and included lengthy affidavit evidence from client challenging the facts alleged by the police officer. Adjudicator found insufficient evidence to support IRP and driving prohibition revoked – LICENSE BACK TO CLIENT AND VEHICLE RELEASED FROM IMPOUND LOT.

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Appeals and Bail Hearings Results

R. v. A.T. [2023]

Mr. Shapray was retained after client had been detained and denied bail with his previous lawyer.  Client facing serious charges involving a stabbing with a kitchen knife and previous breaches of bail conditions.  A comprehensive Bail Review was launched at the B.C. Supreme Court with a fresh release plan which resulted in the client being released from jail on bail pending his trial.
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Other Criminal Offences

R. v. J.S. [2024]

Client from Washington State arrested after arriving in Victoria harbour on a pleasure craft containing a gun that was not declared.  CBSA agents entered boat and found gun in a bag in a closet.  Client arrested on a Friday night and Mr. Shapray was able to negotiate his release and permission to remain in Canada for boat race.  Case untimately resolved for a small fine and gun forfeiture.