Charges against coroner may affect investigation credibility – Legal analyst says coroner’s work could come under scrutiny

Michael ShaprayNews

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The credibility of two police investigations may come into question now that a former Lower Mainland coroner has been charged with indignity to human remains.

News1130’s legal analyst Michael Shapray says, “The Coroner plays a significant role in any murder or homicide case.” He tells us they are responsible for examining the bodies and are often the key witnesses when it comes to cause and time of death.

Shapray says, “[It’s] shocking to hear there would be those types of allegations… If that is the case, that person’s work could come under scrutiny, [it] could have a dramatic effect on a prosecution or investigation.”

Police say the way the bodies were examined was criminal. The 61-year-old Chilliwack man has also been charged with breach of trust in the two homicide cases he was working on last year in Langley and Coquitlam.