Charges against RCMP could derail case: expert

Michael ShaprayNews

Prosecutors will try to limit the damage

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A defence lawyer says the charges against four senior RCMP officers involved in the Surrey Six case could derail the entire case.

News1130 Legal Analyst Michael Shapray says any issues that cast doubt on the work of investigators could be a major focus during a trial. "That’s even more heightened in this case because the concern is some of these actions involve a witness."

"Generally, all dealings between witnesses and police in a case are detailed and they’re done in a professional manner," he adds.

Shapray says prosecutors will try to limit the damage, but we won’t know exactly how these charges will affect the case until more details are revealed:

"When the evidence starts to come out – and that evidence is going to get disclosed to the lawyers involved in the actual underlying case – more will be known about how damaging this might be."