Halloween party hosts should watch their guests drinking

Michael ShaprayNews

We look at Halloween and BC’s new drinking and driving laws

Mike Lloyd/Jesse Johnston

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Halloween is this Sunday, and it’ll be a full weekend of parties right across the Lower Mainland. It’s a scary holiday for hosts dealing with BC’s tough new drunk driving laws.

It has never been tougher to watch guests and make sure they don’t head out on the road, into an impaired driving bust. News1130’s legal analyst Michael Shapray says there is a spectre of civil problems.

"People who are hosting parties have to be aware there are laws that can put liability on the host if they let people drink too much and then leave the party. There have been cases where there have been accidents and injuries suffered, [and] the host of a party has been held to be liable."

Shapray says it’s important to watch your guests, their modes of transportation, and their level of intoxication heading out the door.

BC’s new drinking and driving laws mean blowing as low as .05 on a breathalyzer test can get you in trouble. For some people that’s as little as a drink or two.