Happy Holidays It Will Be For A Very Happy Client

Michael ShaprayCase Updates

Great day at the office today as we learned that charges had been dropped by the Federal Crown in relation to a client charged with multiple counts of trafficking in drugs.

This was a very odd case where my client had been arrested after driving around in a vehicle that was under surveillance by the police for about an hour. The passenger of the vehicle ultimately left the vehicle and was arrested by the police and found to have multiple types of illegal drugs, money and cellphones in his possession. My client was arrested a few blocks away in the vehicle. He had no drugs or money on him and was not the registered owner of the vehicle. Even the police were confused as he also had no criminal record or prior contact with the police. Nonetheless, he was arrested and charged with serious drug offences.

As you can imagine, this was a very stressful situation. My client claimed to have no knowledge of the drugs or trafficking and had an innocent explanation for his presence driving the vehicle. After a review of the file and multiple court appearances, I was able to engage the prosecutor in some discussions which led to a request for my client to formally swear to his story in a legal document called a Statutory Declaration. After providing this information and some seriously persuasive negotiations, the charges against my client were ultimately dropped and he will not be required to defend himself at a costly and stressful trial that would have hung over his head for another year.

It is always my goal to get the best possible result for my clients in the most cost-effective manner. If we can get charges dropped early in the process and before a trial date has been set then there will be significant cost savings on legal fees and greatly reduced stress on the client and their family. If we can do that during the holiday season it is even better.