Legal expert says Col Williams’ sentence is “very harsh”

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Michael Shapray weighs in on Colonel’s sentencing

Tanya Fletcher

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Our legal expert says Colonel Russell Williams’ sentence is one of the most severe under Canadian law. Michael Shapray tells News1130 why the judge didn’t give Williams two consecutive 25-year sentences:

“We don’t have 7,500 year sentences like you hear in the U.S., and because they were two different convictions, the judge obviously made them concurrent as he had already given him a maximum sentence.”

He adds the judge is likely making an example out of Williams, by handing him such a harsh punishment. “Even a first-degree murder conviction is [a life sentence] with no possibility of parole for 25 years. Here, he’s been given an actual 25 year sentence. That is a very, very harsh sentence by any standard in Canadian law.”