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Drug charges are among the most common of criminal offences. Convictions for drug offences carry stiff fines and long prison sentences.

Do not plead guilty to any drug-related charges without first speaking to me, Michael R. Shapray, a lawyer who has successfully defended people facing similar allegations.

I am a Vancouver drug charges lawyer who has a long record of success defending clients in all types of drug cases. I defend clients facing all drug-related charges, including:

Dismantling the Case Against You

In every drug-related case, I question whether the evidence against you was obtained lawfully. If the police performed an illegal search and seizure of evidence, it cannot be used against you.

Was a search warrant issued? Were the terms of the warrant executed properly? Was there probable cause to issue a search warrant or allow a wiretap? Is there a question regarding the quality of the evidence against you or the validity of the grounds on which you were charged?

I have obtained successful results for clients by pursuing these avenues of defence and others. I will leave no stone unturned in my effort to achieve a positive resolution to your case.

R. v. N.M. Client found NOT GUILTY by jury after an eight-week trial on conspiracy charges relating to the importation and trafficking in heroin and cocaine. — Review more of my drug charges results.

Legal Counsel and Proactive Representation

I also provide consulting services for people who would like to enter into the marijuana industry in Canada or the United States. I am here to help ensure you are in compliance with state, federal, and provincial laws and regulations so you can operate your business successfully and profitably.

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