Reyat’s perjury conviction not likely to lead to re-trials – His conviction doesn’t change any of the evidence against his Co-accused

Rob GolbeckNews

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Inderjit Singh Reyat was found guilty of perjury during the 2003 Air India trial on Saturday, but his conviction is not likely to lead to a new trial for his two Co-accused who were acquitted in 2005.

News1130 legal analyst Michael Shapray says, “The fact that [Reyat] has been convicted of perjury does not change the evidence against the other two and in that regard I don’t feel it would have any bearing.”

He says if the case were to go back to court it would be very complicated. “Mr. Reyat would be even worse of a witness today if he were called against the Co-accused, because he is now been convicted of perjury. He has been convicted of lying under oath, and would have no credibility in any criminal trial.”

Reyat will be sentenced in November. The maximum sentence he can face is 14 years. Reyat’s lawyer has already suggested a two to three-year sentence.