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Serious crimes demand skilled criminal defence. I am Michael R. Shapray, a Surrey and Vancouver assault charge defence lawyer who has successfully defended clients charged with the most serious assault charges, including:

If you have been arrested for any assault offence, please call 604-725-4300 or email my law firm for immediate assistance. I offer a free initial consultation to review your case and describe how I can help.

I am proud of the results I have achieved for my clients, including:

R. v. R.D.S. Road rage charges involving alleged use of a weapon DROPPED for peace bond prior to trial — NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

Defence of Serious Violent Offences Requires Honest Collaborative Counsel

As your assault charge defence lawyer, I consider you a partner in the resolution of your legal issue. I will advise you of any options that become available to you as we move through the process. While I will give you my recommendation based on my years of legal experience, you will decide whether to go to trial or accept a pretrial settlement offer. Regardless of the route you choose, I will thoroughly prepare your defence and fight for your rights throughout the entire criminal process.

I have handled all types of assault cases in my career from allegations of sexual assault to the charges that came out of the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots. Every case is unique and every person deserves to have all the facts heard and considered before judgment is made. My job is to be your advocate and to fight to achieve the best result possible, including minimizing all negative consequences you are facing.

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It costs you nothing to discuss your case. Please call 604-725-4300 or email my law firm to arrange a free initial consultation. I maintain offices in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia.

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