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Sometimes referred to as a crime of passion or stalking, criminal harassment includes any offence where someone repeatedly contacts or follows someone and causes that person to fear for his or her safety. Certain examples of criminal harassment can include repeated phone calls or repeatedly following someone from place to place.

Do not allow yourself to face charges for criminal harassment without legal representation. I am Michael R. Shapray, and I am a Surrey and Vancouver criminal harassment lawyer.

I have worked in the area of criminal defence for a number of years. I understand the consequences you are facing if convicted of charges of criminal harassment. I know what to look for in your defence and how to properly prepare your case for trial or settlement. Schedule a free consultation today to speak with me about your options and how I can help you.

Pursuing All Lines of Defence to Protect Your Rights and Future

I care about what happens to my clients. For this reason, I dedicate myself completely to each client's case. If you and I decide to work together, you can rest assured that I will provide a strong defence against the criminal harassment charges you are facing. Certain lines of defence that I may analyze include:

  • Was the alleged victim really fearful for his or her safety?
  • Was the right individual identified as the one perpetrating the crime?
  • Is the alleged victim credible?

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If you have been charged with placing harassing phone calls or performing other acts of criminal harassment, or if someone has placed a restraining order or protection order against you, then call me at 604-725-4300 or email me to schedule a free consultation. I will meet with you at my offices in Surrey or Vancouver.

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