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Firearms charges carry the strong possibility of jail time. Possessing a firearm can mean a minimum sentence of three years in prison. If you are charged with other crimes, such as robbery or murder in which a firearm was used, the minimum sentences are even more severe.

It takes a highly skilled lawyer to handle cases involving firearms possession in Canada. I am Michael R. Shapray, and I understand the gun laws of Canada as a whole and of British Columbia as a province.

If you choose me to represent you, I will conduct a thorough investigation into your case and the evidence against you. I will give you an honest assessment of the situation and help you understand what you are facing in terms of penalties. Schedule a free in-person consultation at my Surrey or Vancouver offices to discuss your case with me today.

Types of Illegal Firearms in Canada

The Firearms Act defines certain types of firearms as "prohibited," which means that it is illegal to possess them at all:

  • Fully automatic guns
  • Sawed-off shotguns or rifles with a barrel length under 457 mm (does not apply to firearms manufactured with short barrels)
  • Sawed-off shotguns or rifles with a total length of under 660 mm (again, this does not apply to guns manufactured shorter than 660 mm)
  • Handguns with a barrel shorter than 105 mm (except a few competition-style handguns)
  • .25 or .32 calibre handguns

Other prohibited items include silencers, tasers, tear gas and even Mace.

Surrey Gun Crimes Defence Law Firm That Stays Current With Changing Gun Laws

The law has evolved over time, and some firearms that are prohibited today were not prohibited, say 15 years ago. In some cases, if your gun was purchased and registered before it became prohibited, then it is still legal to possess. The laws on this topic have changed frequently and are quite complex. My job is to analyze the law and the facts surrounding your arrest to determine whether the firearm in your possession was really prohibited or not. I can also help you if you were stopped for a weapons violation while crossing the border.

Use of Weapons During Commission of Other Crimes

If you used a firearm while committing another crime, such as an unlawful assault, you could face a long mandatory minimum prison sentence. This is true even if you did not discharge the firearm. I work hard to help my clients avoid the harsh consequences in these circumstances. I am a skilled negotiator and have been able to work out reduced sentences for clients. As a proven trial lawyer, I am always prepared to defend your rights in court as well.

Not Intimidated By Regulations

Firearms are a focus of law enforcement and are heavily regulated by the government. I am deeply familiar with all the laws and regulations, including those on the topics of possession, storage, transport across the border and display of firearms. I will do my best to take the anxiety out of your stressful situation and create a defence that keeps you out of jail.

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