Accused of Gun Smuggling Across the Border?

Crossing the border between British Columbia and the United States is often taken for granted. Scenic drives, shopping excursions and commuting for work are all reasons people constantly shuttle back and forth between countries. However, if you are stopped by the Canada Border Services Agency for further questioning or to be searched and this leads to an arrest and charges, you need skilled counsel right away so your access to the border is not restricted and your freedom and your record are not jeopardized.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a Surrey and Vancouver criminal defence lawyer who has built a strong reputation for client-focused, results-oriented legal representation. Whether you are a Canadian or a U.S. citizen, if you have been arrested or charged with a crime by the CBSA, call 604-725-4300 or contact my law office online right away so I can begin to defend and help you in this situation.

Have You Been Accused of Gun Smuggling Because You Failed to Declare a Weapon?

While many people cross the border from Washington state into Vancouver for hunting and other outdoor activities, they may not realize they are prohibited from bringing across handguns, firearms and other weapons without declaring them at border crossings with customs officials. You may also not know the specific carry requirements or use restrictions that are enforced in Canada and provincially in British Columbia.

The first issue that often needs to be dealt with in a border arrest is that the person is now in a Canadian jail or in police custody. I have helped the family and friends of many American citizens during the initial hours after a border arrest. I can help locate the person in custody and work quickly to have him or her released on bail.

There are a full range of charges and penalties you can be assessed under the Criminal Code and Customs Act from fines to jail sentences. It takes a lawyer knowledgeable in these areas to handle all the technical aspects proficiently. I can help you whether you are a resident of Washington or another state and are facing any type of border violation or subsequent criminal charges stemming from a border stop or search.

Fast-Acting Assistance to Protect Your Rights

I can help you address any fines, restrictions, citations or charges that border patrol may assess such as working to secure the release of your seized vehicle or other possessions. I also handle bail issues, including appearing on your behalf for all procedural matters.

From reviewing the disclosure, negotiating a resolution, preparing your case and running a trial, I have a history of successful outcomes when it comes to weapons charges involving border crossings. I also handle all types of other border issues, including accusations of cross-border drug importation and trafficking.

Protect Your Rights to Access Borders. Schedule a Free Consultation for Skilled Help Today.

Before you try to reason or make your case with the CBSA officials, speak with me. I can help protect your rights and carefully examine the conditions leading to your arrest once you have been released or bail has been set. Call 604-725-4300 or contact my offices in Vancouver or Surrey online right away for skilled counsel and advocacy.

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