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Identity theft convictions carry severe criminal consequences and can negatively affect your future. It is necessary to begin protecting your rights and building your defence as quickly as possible to have the best chance at defeating the charges against you.

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I am Michael R. Shapray, a Vancouver identity theft lawyer with years of experience defending clients against complex charges. I know what the Crown must prove to obtain a conviction, and therefore know exactly how to investigate and prepare your defence.

Take action to protect your reputation and your future. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation at my Vancouver or Surrey offices.

Skilfully Handling All Identity Theft Charges

I provide thorough, personalized representation to clients facing all types of identity theft charges, including:

  • Credit card fraud, including using someone else's credit card or credit card skimming
  • Using another individual's identification and personal information as your own
  • Passport fraud such as falsification of passports
  • Internet crimes/fraud

Often, issues arise concerning search and seizure techniques. Some cases even turn out proving the actual identity and the complexity of the fraud scheme. As these issues can be very difficult for the Crown to prove, you may have a better chance at avoiding a conviction than you may think. To understand what you are facing and what your options are, call me today.

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