Photographers may have to testify in riot trials

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Vancouverites seeking justice have taken to the internet in droves to post pictures of those involved in the Stanley Cup riots, but lawyers say the amateur photographers may have more work ahead of them. Many people suspected to have been involved in Wednesday’s riot are already being tried in the court of public opinion as their photos are displayed on … Read More

No shortage of photo and video evidence Lawyer: video evidence is very strong in court

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VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Between smart phones, cameras, and news crews, there’s no shortage of crystal clear images and video from the riot. Vancouver Police are hoping they will lead to convictions for those who took part in the destruction, and one lawyer says that evidence will stand. News1130 legal analyst Michael Shapray says once police know who submitted the photos, … Read More

Ex-solicitor general questions impaired driving review

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CBC News The is growing disagreement among B.C. Liberal MLAs about how to handle the enforcement of the province’s new impaired driving laws. (CBC) There is growing disagreement within the Liberal caucus about B.C.’s tough new penalties for impaired driving, with one former solicitor general criticizing calls for a review. On Monday, newly appointed Solicitor General Rich Coleman appeared to … Read More

Halloween party hosts should watch their guests drinking

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We look at Halloween and BC’s new drinking and driving laws Mike Lloyd/Jesse Johnston VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Halloween is this Sunday, and it’ll be a full weekend of parties right across the Lower Mainland. It’s a scary holiday for hosts dealing with BC’s tough new drunk driving laws. It has never been tougher to watch guests and make sure they … Read More

Canadians split on introducing cameras into courtrooms

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VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A new Angus Reid poll has found half of us want to watch court proceedings from our living rooms. The pollsters’ survey revealed 49 per cent of those asked would like to see cameras in courtrooms. The debate has always been about access versus the impact cameras could have on those in court who know they are … Read More

Legal expert says Col Williams’ sentence is “very harsh”

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Michael Shapray weighs in on Colonel’s sentencing Tanya Fletcher VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Our legal expert says Colonel Russell Williams’ sentence is one of the most severe under Canadian law. Michael Shapray tells News1130 why the judge didn’t give Williams two consecutive 25-year sentences: “We don’t have 7,500 year sentences like you hear in the U.S., and because they were two … Read More

Charges against coroner may affect investigation credibility – Legal analyst says coroner’s work could come under scrutiny

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VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The credibility of two police investigations may come into question now that a former Lower Mainland coroner has been charged with indignity to human remains. News1130’s legal analyst Michael Shapray says, “The Coroner plays a significant role in any murder or homicide case.” He tells us they are responsible for examining the bodies and are often the … Read More

DUI investigation involving a police officer

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Canwest News Service Forthwith, it shall ever be known as The Full Monty Defence. You drink and drive. Maybe enough to blow over the limit, maybe not: Only an onsite breathalyser test would be able to establish that fact. Soon after, you get into an accident. Rather than staying at the scene of the accident, as the law and common … Read More

Looking at how Facebook impacts police investigations – Cruel comments posted on memorial pages

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Andrea Macpherson VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Hateful comments on memorial pages, and inappropriate videos and pictures uploaded from crime scenes to Facebook. News1130 is looking into how police are increasingly devoting their investigative time to social networking sites. The most recent example of this is the apparent gang rape of a 16-year-old in Maple Ridge, says News1130 Legal Analyst Michael Shapray. … Read More