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Due to new changes in the impaired driving laws in British Columbia, more people are losing their driving privileges and then driving while they're prohibited from doing so. If you have a suspended or revoked license and you have been charged with driving while prohibited, do not enter into a court proceeding for any Motor Vehicle Act offence without having an experienced criminal defence lawyer by your side.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a Vancouver driving while prohibited lawyer with years of experience protecting the rights and future of my clients. I am dedicated to providing thorough representation in a client-oriented manner. I always keep my clients current on their cases and their options. If you are facing charges for driving while prohibited, contact me at 604-725-4300 to discuss how I may be able to help you.

A Conviction for Driving While Prohibited Brings Severe Consequences

The consequence of many driving offence convictions is a mandatory order of prohibition from driving for a required period of time. Any conviction for driving while prohibited can lead to severe consequences, including longer periods of driving prohibitions, minimum fines and jail sentences.

To best protect your rights and driving privileges, it is important to begin establishing the grounds for your defence early. As an experienced defence lawyer, I understand what is required to obtain a conviction in these cases. I know how to analyze the technicalities of your charges and require the Crown to prove its case fully. As there may be several opportunities to undermine the case against you, you have nothing to lose by calling me to learn what opportunities may be available in your situation.

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