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While prostitution is legalized, prostitution-related acts are criminal offences that involve serious consequences upon conviction. Such consequences can affect your opportunities in the future. Do not risk your future by facing these prostitution-related charges on your own.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a Vancouver prostitution charges lawyer who is available to assist clients throughout British Columbia. I have been practising criminal defence for over 15 years, and have the knowledge and skill set needed to thoroughly prepare your defence. If you decide to retain my law firm, I will provide you with the personal attention and professional service you deserve.

Defending Clients in British Columbia Against Prostitution-Related Offences

Whether you are under investigation or are currently facing criminal charges, contact me to discuss any prostitution offence, including:

  • Communicating for purposes of prostitution
  • Procurement of individuals to engage in sexual intercourse (e.g., running an escort agency, employing sex workers)
  • Contacting an escort service on the Internet for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct or pay-for-play activity
  • Living off the avails of prostitution (e.g., pimping)

I will also be closely monitoring the introduction of the new prostitution laws in Canada and will be able to provide advice on the proposed changes and defend any charges under these laws.

I will review your charges and analyze the evidence compiled against you. I will then work to ensure the Crown is held to its legal burden of proof. In cases where I am unable to have your charges dropped, I will investigate other potential sentencing options that may better fit your situation.

Seeking Diversion Out of the Criminal Process

For many individuals, being charged with a prostitution-related offence can be embarrassing. There is one method of avoiding the public criminal process, which is to seek a diversion program. This program would remove your case from the criminal process and the public eye. Call me today to discuss whether this option is available to you.

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To discuss the prostitution-related charges you are facing, please call me at 604-725-4300 or email me to set up an in-person consultation at your convenience. I offer two office locations: one in Surrey and the other in Vancouver.

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