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A mere accusation of sexual assault or a related offence can greatly disrupt the life of the accused person. A conviction carries serious penalties, including prison terms and registration as a sex offender.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a highly skilled and experienced defence lawyer. I know that people charged with sexual assault are stigmatized and are often assumed to be guilty. That is why I am proactive in defending my clients. I conduct very thorough investigations to uncover all the facts surrounding the case.

Surrey Rape and Other Sexual Offences Defence Law Firm

If you choose me as your lawyer, I will explain what you are facing and make sure you understand your options. I will work hard to prevent a conviction, and to prevent you from being shamed and humiliated.

For a free consultation with a skilled Vancouver sexual assault defence lawyer, please call 604-725-4300 or contact my law firm online. With offices in Vancouver and Surrey, I represent clients throughout British Columbia.

Defence Against All Sexual Assault Charges

My law firm is equipped to defend clients against a wide range of sex crime allegations and related offences, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Sexual interference with a minor
  • Forcible confinement
  • Invitation to sexual touching

It is important to realize that any type of nonconsensual sexual touching could be classified as sexual assault. While most cases involve people who do not know each other, there are instances of one partner being prosecuted for sexual assault against the other in situations where advances were unwelcome.

Thorough Defence Against Serious Allegations

When defending clients charged with sexual offences, I look at the event from all angles. Victims often have trouble identifying the assailant. There are issues of DNA to be worked through. The credibility of the accuser may need to be tested. You can be confident in my ability to master the facts of your case and construct a strong defence on your behalf.

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