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Being charged with a sex crime is a life-altering experience. In the mind of the public, people facing sexual assault and other sex crime charges are guilty until proven innocent. Even if the charges against you are dropped or you are acquitted at trial, a stigma remains.

I am criminal defence lawyer Michael R. Shapray. I defend clients charged with sexual offences, such as:

Those convicted of sexual assault or other sex crimes face the prospect of fines and incarceration. Even after they serve their sentence, they must face years of public shame and humiliation. Most are required to register as a sex offender for 10 years to life.

Most people who are charged with sex crimes have never been involved in the criminal justice system before. They are naturally frightened and unsure of how to proceed. I clearly explain the charges and describe the steps in the legal process. After reviewing the facts of the case, I will recommend a strategy for your options. My clients appreciate that I take much of the anxiety out of a difficult situation.

I have achieved positive results for many clients facing allegations of sexual assault and other sex-related offences. To discuss your case, please contact my office for a free and confidential consultation. I maintain offices in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia, for your convenience.

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