Vancouver Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Not everyone convicted of a crime is guilty as charged. The criminal appeals process exists to give those wrongfully convicted a chance to have their cases reviewed and reconsidered.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a Vancouver lawyer who is experienced in all levels of criminal appeals, from judicial review hearings to appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada. I represent clients in appeals to the British Columbia Court of Appeal. In addition, I have appeared before all levels of court in British Columbia and Ontario.

In any appeal, the choice of a lawyer is extremely important. My extensive experience as a trial lawyer and my record of success on appeal are among the reasons clients select me to represent them in their appellate cases. Speak with me about your situation today by scheduling a free consultation.

Many of my appellate cases are referred to me by other lawyers who know and trust my experience.

As a trial lawyer, I am able to assess the trial record and determine what mistakes were made that resulted in a conviction. As an appellate lawyer, I am able to determine which issues to address on appeal.

What Can Be Appealed?

Not every bad outcome at trial is a candidate for appeal. A mistake must have been made at trial. In some cases, the original verdict can be overturned. In other cases, a new trial may be ordered, or the original sentence may be thrown out.

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