Vancouver Bail Hearings Lawyer

If you are arrested for a crime, it is essential to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible — preferably before the bail hearing. The outcome of a bail hearing can mean the difference between enjoying your freedom or remaining in custody between an arrest and the trial or other disposition of your case.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a Vancouver criminal defence lawyer who is available to represent clients at bail hearings for all criminal charges. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how I can help you.

British Columbia Surety and Show Cause Hearing Law Firm

Bail hearings (also called "show cause hearings") are not routine at my law firm. I treat them seriously and prepare for them properly. For example, I may interview and recommend an appropriate surety, who will be responsible for ensuring that you meet all conditions of bail. My goal is to achieve the most positive result possible: a reasonable bail with reasonable conditions.

Bail Hearings Are Pivotal

A bail hearing can be the most important part of a criminal proceeding.

Because of the crowded court calendar, those denied bail or who cannot pay an unreasonably high bail have a difficult decision to make: Should they plead guilty or remain in detention?

In British Columbia, it can take up to a year to get a trial date. Many people who might have a viable defence end up pleading guilty to charges rather than sit in jail awaiting trial when they are not granted bail. This leaves them with a criminal record that can impair their ability to get a job, a loan, a place to live or to travel outside the country. A prior record also leaves you vulnerable to stiffer potential penalties for any future criminal conviction.

Defendants can be released on bail for any criminal offence. However, recent changes in the law regarding bail have made it more difficult to obtain bail for certain offences, especially those involving firearms. An experienced criminal defence lawyer can increase your chances of a positive result at a bail hearing.

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