Vancouver Return of Seized Money Lawyer

During a crime investigation, the police may determine that they must seize money and other property for purposes of eliminating criminal activity proceeds or furthering the investigation. Most often, however, that seized property must be returned to the rightful owner once the investigation is complete.

I am Michael R. Shapray, a Vancouver return of seized money lawyer who helps individuals get their money back after a criminal investigation. Whether you are someone who is charged with a crime or not, I am here to help you. I will put forth all necessary efforts to ensure the return of seized money to you. Contact me to discuss your situation during a free consultation at either my Surrey or Vancouver offices.

How I Can Help You Get Your Money Back

Any time the police seize money in an investigation for crimes such as identity theft or credit card offences, it often takes extreme efforts to have the money returned. I am willing to put in that effort for you.

I am a lawyer who is dedicated to his clients. I believe in true client service and personalized attention. I will involve you in your case at all times, and will keep you informed of your options and their consequences.

Seeking the Return of Seized Property for Clients in British Columbia

In situations where I must request the return of seized money, I will work to prove that you have a legitimate claim to that money. Where appropriate, I will also craft an argument that the police cannot prove that the money seized represents crime proceeds. If negotiations are unsuccessful, I will pursue a court application to have your money or property returned to you.

It is important to understand that investigations may take a while, and seeking the return of seized money or other property can take time. I will help you understand the timeline you are facing and what you can do to help keep things moving forward.

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